Friday, February 18, 2011

You know you are in Cape Town when...

1. Someone whistling doesn't make you turn and look.
2. Crossing the street without getting hit makes you happy!
3. Another car pulls out in front of you doesn't make you mad.
4. Walking 20-25 minutes to get to church is actually not too bad.
5. You climb mountains to see beautiful ocean scenary on a regular basis.
6. You have to make sure you ask for "tap" waTer or you will get a bottle of sparkling water.
7. Fish that are about 2-3 feet long are sold out of the back of a pick up truck.
8. A person doesn't wait for someone else to turn, they just go off the road to go around them.
9. You are going to see Jackass penguins.
10. It is no longer politically correct to say "African American."

:) These are just a few of the interesting adjustments that I have made!


  1. Believe it or not when I was in second grade and lived in Boloxi, MS mother bought fish and shrimp off a truck. Our neighbors son got them off his dad's shrimp boat. Fish get sweep up in the shrimp nets. ....but I know you don't eat fish. I was conserned that you might get really skinny because they would have nothing you would eat. Pickey, Pickey! Granny

  2. This is funny Natasha! And really well observed....definitely very Cape Townian!