Friday, February 11, 2011

Swing batter batter, SWING!!

That's right! I am getting into a full swing here in Cape Town! This week at the Warehouse has been crazy! I have been here in a meeting and here in another one and then turning around and it is time to go to Manenberg or time for a session with my girls or I am writing up reports.. You name it! It's been crazy but I do have to say that it is better than just sitting here with nothing to do. God has been doing great things in Manenberg and it's so great to see! We are seeing girls desiring to change their lifestyles from drug addictions and gangs to relationships with God and better parenting. It's really cool to see because there is no other explanation but God!  My goal each week as far as my clients go will be to meet with 2 different girls once a week for about an hour. It's not a lot of time but other engagements and requirement for school take up alot of time. So most likely I will be meeting with them on Tuesday and Friday and also co-leading a girls group on Tuesday evenings. So, if you could be praying specifically for those days, it would be great!! I have begun to realize that 3 months is really a very short amount of time to be here and really be able to do anything. Therefore, God has given me a clear picture that more than anything, these girls just need to be loved and cared for. That is my plan! Pray that God would allow his love to pour out of me. These girls have never had someone just sit and listen to them talk. They have never had any consistency in their lives. They have never seen what a healthy relationship looks like. They have never had the luxury of being loved and told that they are beautiful just the way they are. Here in Manenberg, females are seen as objects. They are taken advantage of. They are expected to do whatever they are told. Even from their parents- they see no love and compassion. It is heart-breaking to know this but at the same time, how GREAT it is to know that God has given me the opportunity to show these girls that life is not supposed to be this way. That there is a God that loves them no matter what and that they have a purpose- and it's not to just sell drugs and give sex- but it is much more glorious and much more abundant! Pray for these girls! Pray for restoration and redemption in their lives. Many of them have never see love in the way that it is supposed to be. They see love and giving whatever is asked- they see love as giving themselves away- they see love as smoking drugs with their parents- they have never seen love in any other format- it is time that that chain is broken and GOD's LOVE is shown! We MUST stand up for the sake of the Kingdom and stand up against Satan and his lies! WE MUST!!! Pray that these girls feel more loved than they can even imagine! Pray that they understand the power of God's love and the abundance of it! It's never ending!! It's satisfying! I was talking to a girl the other day and she said, "Drugs are only satisfying for just a moment and then you are down in the dumps again, so you have to smoke again to get any pleasure at all."- it's just a cycle for them. Pray that God would reveal to them that His love NEVER FAILS!!!

Ok Ok! I know this post is really random and full of all kinds of stuff but there ya go! You see my heart!

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  1. yep, we see your heart. and it's beautiful. :) i love you. can't say what i want to & you know why, but know i'm lifting up you & these girls!!!