Friday, January 21, 2011

Prayer Requests

TOMORROW!!!! is the big day!!!

I can't really explain all the emotions at the moment! I am soo excited but the reality is finally hitting me that I am about to leave the country and all my friends and family for 3 months!  I am more than excited for the opportunity that God has set before me!! Thank you all for your support and encouragement and I pray that you will continue them! 

I do have a few specific things I would love to have your prayers for:
1.) Me, Michelle, Sarah & Erin- names of the 4 going
2.) Safe and uneventful travel for the 4 of us going-  Pensacola>ATL>Amsterdam>Cape Town (Sunday)
3.) My family & friends back home
4.) Easy recovery from jetlag
5.) Our first week of orientation- that we will become easily aware of how things work and adjust quickly
6.) Unity amongst pairs of roomates for the 3 months
7.) Personally, I see potential for the first 2-3 weeks being tough and not having the availiablity to talk to people back home when things are tough. Pray that I would find peace and comfort in my 3 amazing friends going with me, that I would share my heart and be open with them.
8.) That God would use me in remarkable ways!! For HIS glory ALONE!

Thank you again to all who have encouraged and are excited for me!! I love you all!!

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